HYPE4 was at the Web Summit this year – it was awesome!

The Web Summit in Dublin 2014

We were at the Web Summit in Dublin this year and took some pictures! It was a very cool show, with lots of interesting startups (some not-so-interesting and some utterly pointless too, but that balance was tipped well towards the former!) and inspiring keynotes from industry leaders of all shapes and sizes.

Web Summit Centre stage
The centre stage was a place of many interesting conversations, keynotes and showcases – including that adorable little robot :)

Instagram at the Web Summit in Dublin
Instagram was also present with an interesting idea of making a big selfie visual.

Web Summit Sheep
Those adorable creatures weren’t a hint about some of the startups being sheep of course ;)

Nupky Tingle at the Web Summit
Tingle – an innovative music controler from Nupky.

3d printers at the web summit
3D printers were virtually everywhere, some were probably making smaller 3d printers too ;)

Robots at the web summit
Cute and friendly – for now. Let’s just hope they won’t turn against us soon ;)

“Who is that Bono guy and how is he at my Web Summit?”

Paraphrasing the iPhone users that were not so happy with U2’s album appearing on their phones. But Bono took the stage and actually turned the situation around saying that at least now they know what U2 is, so it’s an improvement. And he was right – it doesn’t matter what they say as long as they’re talking.

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