Forget Flappy Bird clones! Dotpocalypse is out!

Dotpocalypse iOS arcade game

We are happy to announce our second, free iOS game called Dotpocalypse (press release image attached). It’s a simple, minimal arcade game that’s all about how fast and accurate you are with your fingers. The only thing that matters is skill and dexterity. Oh and technique too. The game adjusts to your speed, so the faster you are, the higher you score – some players can do insane, inhuman combos because of that. Check it out at:


HYPE4 + ManBat team!

Best selection of great iOS games inside the GoodGamePack!

Good iPhone games

The GoodGamePack project for iOS indie developers has started. We are proudly supporting it from the very beginning and we hope all of those 7 games will receive recognition and downloads they deserve. What is GoodGamePack you ask ?

It’s 7 games from 7 different indie developers from around the world. Games that received very high ratings (4.0 and up) on the App Store and very good reviews on many online sites. But they didn’t get featured by Apple and didn’t reach critical mass. In many cases they didn’t pay for themselves either. Instead of giving up, the developers decided to take action and created a pack. If you want to help out share the info about on your social circles and buy the games:

HungrySquid , NihilumbraMonstaaa!KometenWebbiesZONR and Brainsss


HungrySquid 2.0 (iOS puzzle game) is out!

The Best iPhone puzzle game

We released a long awaited 2.0 update to HungrySquid yesterday and it’s been climbing the charts ever since. If you haven’t played it already it’s only 99c On the App Store but of course there’s also a Lite/Free version. The game has been announced by many reviewers as one of the best iOS puzzle games for the iPhone, while others called it a super-innovative experience. We believe it’s worth checking out, especially now when the price has dropped :)

A lot of work went into the development and the game has almost 50,000 players from around the world, with an average App Store rating of 4.5 (after about 150 total ratings in all stores). That’s good, but the current update makes it even better!

  • We changed the graphics (new backgrounds, updated squids and planets)
  • Added 30 new levels (including earth!)
  • Updated the gameplay and fixed some bugs
  • Updated the French translation thanks to Claire Servolle
Go get it now On the App Store!

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GoodGamePack started! Great iOS games database

iOS game pack

Good Game Pack (or GamePack) is a web app that we just started (with Hype4) to gather and cross-promote great but undiscovered iOS games. We have reached out to 10 developers to have their games added and we will continue looking. If your game fits the bill, let us know. It’s completely free! It’s all about cross-promotion of selected game developers because well … United we stand!

You can visit the GamePack on your iPhone at!

Review: Hungry Squid

Rating: ★★★★★

This game is a fruit of passion and it's visible in every single detail. Simply beautiful!

Since this is a cooperation that CM took a part in, one of our outside reviewers decided to cover this one for us.

Hello, my name is Mike and I’m a guest reviewer here. Today we’ll focus on the new Hungry Squid game, that was just released yesterday. It’s a puzzler unlike any other – there’s a story (and a promised free ebook that will further push the story), amazing graphics and music (the soundtrack will be available for free too). First thing of notice is how much heart went into making this little game. It’s innovative, but also beautiful beyond what’s on the app store most of the time.

The idea is to rotate hexagons to create a path from a squid, sitting conveniently in the center, towards the outer rim. The more exits you find the better, but it also has some arcade elements and is strictly time based. The faster you are, the higher your scores.

I seriously can’t find anything wrong with this game – it’s addicting, beautiful and there’s promise of more levels and a level editor, so anyone can create their own puzzles. If you haven’t started downloading already, do it now:

App Store link

Size: 26mb

Price: $0,99

Game Review: Tiny Wings (iPhone)

Rating: ★★★★½

Tiny Wings is a phenomenon almost the size of Angry Birds. It’s simple, yet addictive in a way that’s completely unexplainable. The game revolves around the idea that you’re a bird (go figure!) that has those little wings, and yet you want to fly. So you use the hills (which by the way are randomly generated everyday so the game always looks differently) to gain momentum and jump into the air, where flapping those little wings can give you a few seconds of flight. There are islands between which you travel, coins to collect and clouds to touch. There are also achievements to achieve (which is a nice thing and makes the gameplay less boring after a while). The only thing that can ‘hurt’ you is the sun setting, so your time of flight is limited, but other than that you can’t really “die” in this nice, colourful game which makes it all the more “fun”.

It’s one of those games that should get boring after a while and yet it doesn’t. It’s mesmerizing and when I’m looking at my games folder thinking what to play casually for a short while it beats the other games nearly every time. You can get it on the App Store for 0,69 quid, and sadly there’s no iPad version (yet), but it does play well even in 2x mode.

Game Review: League of Evil (iPhone/iPad)

Rating: ★★★★☆

League of Evil is one of those rare, 8bit platformers that don’t suck. In fact it’s probably one of the best such games in the App Store, and no, they’re not paying me to write that (yet;)). The whole appeal of this game can be pinpointed to simple, yet addictive gameplay (which actually works that way with every good game) and a GREAT set of controls. They’re onscreen, which usually ruins the fun, but here they’re super-responsive and after a while of getting used to them the gameplay just flows flawlessly. Seriously – think of a touch-controlled game in which you don’t do unintended things. The graphics are pretty good too – 8bit, simple, but beautiful at the same time. Gotta warn you though – the people you kill in this game (soliders and evil scientists) explode into a pile of blood, guts and gore. Sure it’s just a few red pixels but the imagination adds a lot to that. So yeah, it’s a brutal game, but isn’t life that way?

The levels are pretty simple and quite short, but the goal is to be quick – you get more points for speed, pretty much like Keanu Reeves in that one movie about speed. You know which one I’m talking about. Yeah, the Matrix!

Your mission is simple – get to the evil scientist, kill him and find a briefcase with his evil plans and the world will be saved again. Bruce Willis was on vacation so they chose you. Yeah, lucky you. So instead of working, you can be sitting in the corporation toilet for half an hour saving the world. Pretty neat huh? It’s addictive enough to be time-consuming, and simple enough to play “just one level at a time” every now and then (especially at work). Games like LoE are to blame for the decreasing amount of work being done in the workplace. But we do save worlds on the other hand so I guess we’re ok.

Go and get that awesome universal app for 0,69 quid at : <a href=”″ target=”_blank”></a>

Game Review: The Incident (iPhone/iPad)

Rating: ★★★★☆

The Incident is a fun, 8-bit styled game made when there weren’t a gazillion retro games in the App Store yet. It revolves around the idea that “stuff is falling from the sky” – literally everything you can think of from cars, road signs, fridges, tv sets, painting, beach balls and statues. Your job is to find out what’s causing it (by going up, constantly jumping on the stacks of objects) and of course – to survive. The game offers a story mode, and an endless night mode which as the title proclaims is, well … endless.

You have a nice achievement wall with trophies saying what object landed on your head at what height that ended your short sad life, which is kinda funny. The graphics are pretty good for an 8bit game – pretty detailed and the objects are really complex and well designed. There’s some nice music (8bit of course) and a cool way to use your iphone as a controller, and play on the bigger screen of your iPad. It also supports AirPlay, so you can hook it up to your big screen TV.

It’s a nice and addictive game and for 1,49 quid it’s a steal since it’s an universal App so you pay once for both iPhone and iPad version!
You can download it from the App Store

Game review : Another World (iPhone/iPad)

Rating: ★★★★½

Another World was one of the most innovative and creative games ever made, and it’s hard to believe it’s now 20 years old. Due to that fact we got a nice conversion for iOS devices (universal app which is great) so we can re-live old memories, or play it for the first time. It’s definitely worth it as this game redefined the platformer/action genre with cut-scenes, creative game flow (running, jumping, rolling, swimming) and EXTREMELY high difficulty level. Seriously in this “other world” nearly anything can kill us, even little leeches. Usually it kills us with a nice cut-scene, but the point of this game is to repeat until you do it right.

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Game review: Bumpy road (iPhone, iPad)

Rating: ★★★★☆

Bumpy Road is a beautiful, story driven “driving” game where you don’t get to control the car. The idea is simple – the car slowly rolls towards the right side, and you can influence the movement by making “bumps” in the road itself – i.e. moving the terrain with your finger. It even has a story, which for casual games is a novelty, and it’s so sweet and heartwarming that it actually encourages you to play more and more. It’s a love story wrapped in a driving game with no driving, in which nothing can actually kill you, you can just have a dive in shallow water and stop. You need to collect various elements for the ride, like screws, plugs, lightbulbs, gears, batteries, radios and more. It’s not that you really need them, but they’re a nice bonus to add up to your highscore and are fun to collect.

That type of games is a rarity – both the graphics are amazingly beautiful, the music is at times addicting, and the gameplay and controls are top notch. It shows that guys from Simogo are not a one hit wonder (they released “Kosmo Spin” before), and they will surprise us even more in the future, with their enigmatic “game 3″ that they’re working on. I definitely recommend to try it. It’s not for fast-paced arcade shooter gamers, but if you crave something “different” then it’s definitely going to be the thing for you. That type of quality at ?2 is quite rare in the app store.

Download it at:

Game Review: Solipskier (iPhone,iPad)

Rating: ★★★★☆

Solipskier is one of those iOS classics that Apple has made a separate category for in the App Store. It’s by far one of the most playable titles available, and as far as arcade goes it’s hard to top it. Mainly due to an ingenious concept, thought-out controls and addictive gameplay mechanics.

The latter is actually something that keeps you engaged in the game despite it’s visual side and overall simplicity. Somehow the creators of Solipskier found a perfect combination of gameplay elements, that causes the typical “one last game” syndrome. Too bad it’s almost never really the last one ;)

The controls are all about “drawing” the snow, on which our skier can gain speed, to jump high in the air and do tricks. The more time he spends airborne, the more points we have, so drawing a straight line is not going to be a good idea. The whole point is to predict the speed-up gates and tunnels, and draw snow only when needed. The more gates he crosses while in the air, the faster he goes, and that even includes faster music. It can get pretty frantic at some point which only raises the adrenaline levels.

The visuals are mostly grayscale shapes, and at first glance it seems unpolished, or even simple. But as soon as we get the flow of this game, we start focusing only on the gates and tunnels and the speed. Oh, the speed!

Solipskier is just ?0,69 and can be downloaded here:


Game Review: Kosmo Spin (iPhone/iPad)

Rating: ★★★★☆

Kosmo Spin is a simple and fun casual game, in which you manipulate the space itself, in order to save the creatures of a little planet. By rotating the space, you move your character so it can bounce off the soccer, tennis and basketballs (and other kinds too) that an “evil” alien is shooting at your planet. You also have to collect little “cupcakes” to “save” them. It can’t really get much cuter than that, seriously. Kosmo Spin is uber cute and there’s absolutely no violence inside the game. It’s pretty entertaining though, with the simple, cut-out textured graphics, nice music and very good character design that Simogo is now known for (it was their first game).

Visually this game really stands out from the crowd – the graphics and textures seem so different, that you’ve probably never seen anything like it in the App Store before. That’s a good thing, because frankly, that 8-bit retro thing is getting pretty old now. Nice to see something refreshing Simogo!

The levels are of course more and more challenging as you finish them, but don’t expect a high difficulty level in this one. It’s more of a casual game that you can play every now and then without worrying about “dying” in-game. For that price it’s a no-brainer – you get a nice looking, fun to play, simple casual game that has that “special something” in it.

You can download it for 0.69 in the App Store:

Game Review: AstroSlugs (iPad)

Rating: ★★★★½

Astroslugs is a beautiful puzzle game that takes some ideas from other games and packs it all up with beautiful graphics and sounds. Your job is to connect meteors drifting in space in predefined shapes that you get for each level. The design is so stunning, that half the time I kept looking at the graphics instead of playing. The price is quite high, but seriously, we’re talking a premium game here. There aren’t many better looking puzzle games in the App Store, and that includes Cut the Rope. The gameplay is addictive enough to lure you in for long hours of gameplay before you feel ANY boredom. That’s mostly due to the fact that the visual side corresponds well with animations and gameplay so it constantly has something a little bit different to show you.

The music in the background is one of those beautiful pieces that I’d like to have in my iPod. Job well done! The idea isn’t all that new, but the execution here is close to perfect. If you like great looking puzzle games then head to the App Store right now to get if for 5 Eur. Here’s the link:

Game Review: Contre Jour (iPhone/iPad)

Rating: ★★★½☆

Contre Jour is an arcade/puzzle mix with stunning visuals and atmosphere, released by Chillingo. At first the game wows you with amazing graphics – toned blacks and blues create a world that seems odd and believable at the same time. That’s not really easy to do without cliches, and the company behind CJ did just that.

Your goal as an odd, sperm-like-looking black ball with one eye (or a one-eyed-snake if you must ;) ) needs to travel towards an exit from a level by means of moving the ground and connecting it to various types of “leech-like” ropes. If you played the other Chillingo Classic – Cut the Rope, you’ll recognize some of the gameplay from there – it can be pretty similar at times. But here we don’t have the cut dinosaur and those pastel boxes. No, here we have darkness, mood and out-of-this world atmosphere. The basic mechanics remain the same, but that’s not really a problem. It’s more suitable for older players, if Cut the Rope is considered to be more childish. The music is ok, but it can get pretty annoying after a while, so I turned it off and put some Snoop Dogg on ;)

Overall it’s a beautifully designed and fun to play game, so for 0,69 pounds (iPhone version) it’s a steal! The iPad version shines even brighter with bigger, HD graphics it’s simply a pleasure to play, so the price is bumped up to 2 quid. Here are the links:



Game review: Jetpack Joyride (iPhone/iPad)

Rating: ★★★★½

Jetpack Joyride is an universal (one price for iPhone and iPad versions) gem of an App by Halfbrick studios – guys who brought fruit chopping to the masses in their highly popular Fruit Ninja. This time though, there are no fruits, just a secret agent, that steals a jetpack from a VERY LARGE lab, and wants to have some fun. Our goal, as Barry Steakfries is to fly right (literally), using a jetpack and a couple of powerups, to get as far as possible. On our way we encounter lasers, zappers, guided missiles that all have the goal to stop our joyride and turn Barry into fish food.

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